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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A novel method for comparing topological models of protein structures enhanced with ligand informationVeeramalai, M; Gilbert, D
2016A Novel Method to Verify Multilevel Computational Models of Biological Systems Using Multiscale Spatio-Temporal Meta Model CheckingPârvu, O; Gilbert, D; Csikász-Nagy, A
2010An optimized TOPS+ comparison method for enhanced TOPS modelsVeeramalai, M; Gilbert, D; Valiente, G
2001Pattern matching and pattern discovery algorithms for protein topologiesViksna, J; Gilbert, D
2008Petri nets for systems and synthetic biologyHeiner, M; Gilbert, D; Donaldson, R
2007Predicting protein function by machine learning on amino acid sequences – a critical evaluationAl-Shahib, A; Breitling, R; Gilbert, D
2007Prediction of protein-protein interactions using one-class classification methods and integrating diverse dataReyes, J A; Gilbert, D
2009Prediction of protein-protein interaction types using association rule based classificationPark, SH; Reyes, JA; Gilbert, D; Kim, JW; Kim, S
1996A process algebra for synchronous concurrent constraint programmingBrim, L; Gilbert, D; Jacquet, JM; Kretinsky, M
2000Representing and analysing molecular and cellular function in the computerHelden, JV; Naim, A; Mancuso, R; Eldridge, M; Wernisch, L, et al
2008A structured approach for the engineering of biochemical network models, illustrated for signalling pathwaysBreitling, R; Gilbert, D; Heiner, M; Orton, R
2013A systems biology approach to multi-scale modelling and analysis of planar cell polarity in drosophila melanogaster wingGilbert, D; Gao, Qian
1996Timetabling in constraint logic programmingKambi, M; Gilbert, D
2000Topology-based protein structure comparison using a pattern discovery techniqueGilbert, D; Westhead, D; Viksna, J; Thornton, J
2010Towards dynamic genome scale modelsGilbert, D; Heiner, M; Jaraweera, Y; Rohr, C
1996Transformations between HCLP and PCSPJampel, M; Jacquet, JM; Gilbert, D; Hunt, S
1994Transforming specifications of observable behaviour into programsGilbert, D; Hogger, C; Zlatuska, J
1996Transient analysis and synthesis of linear circuits using constraint logic programmingShankar, A; Gilbert, D; Jampel, M
2011Variation in the organization and subunit composition of the mammalian pyruvate dehydrogenase complex E2/E3BP core assemblyVijayakrishnan, S; Callow, P; Nutley, MA; McGow, DP; Gilbert, D, et al