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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Efficacy of the legal frameworks for child protection in NigeriaShahid, A; Rehman, J; Diriwari, Wilson Ola
2014Exploring the limits of law: Women domestic workers in Pakistan and their struggle for empowermentShahid, A
2014The ‘Global history of international law’: Some perspectives from within the islamic legal tradition(s)Shahid, A; De la Rasilla Del Moral, I; Shahid, A
2017Minimising litigation on presentation of documents under letters of credit: an alternative approach to the uniform customs and practice for documentary creditsKorotana, M; Shahid, A; Warnasuriya, Chathura
2013Post-divorce maintenance for Muslim women in Pakistan and Bangladesh: A comparative perspectiveShahid, A
2011Protecting divorced women's rights by the application of Islamic principle of Mata'a: A case study of India, Pakistan and BangladeshShahid, A; Islamic Law and International Law Conference 2011
2017Protecting the rights of temporary foreign ‘low-skilled’ workers in the Saudi construction industry: a case for legal reformShahid, A; Almutairi, Abdullah Moied S
2009The socio-legal implications of women’s work in the informal sector: A case study of women domestic workers in PakistanShahid, A
2014Valuing women’s labour: Law, empowerment and human rights of migrant filipino domestic workers in Pakistan 11th Asian Law Institute International Conference Law in Asia: Balancing Tradition and ModernizationShahid, A