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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Assessment of paint appearance quality in the automotive industryButler, C; Yang, Q; Kang, Hai-zhuang
2016Average surface roughness evaluation using 3-source photometric stereo techniqueSomthong, T; Yang, Q
2015Calibration error analysis of inertially stabilized platforms using quaternions and octonions in rotation decompositionTang, Q; Wang, X; Yang, Q; Liu, F
2012Design, implementation, and testing of advanced virtual coordinate-measuring machinesHu, Y; Yang, Q; Sun, X
2017Design of control system using electric cylinder for automated measurement of bearing shell crush heightSun, C; Jiang, Y; Yang, Q
2009Development of a novel virtual coordinate measuring machineHu, Y; Yang, Q; Wei, P
2017Development of a Scalable and Sustainable High Performance CounterCurrent Chromatography (HPCCC) Purification for Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D from SpinosadYang, Q; Bright, C; Edwards, NA; Harris, GH; Kaur, S, et al
2012Development of novel design methodology for product mass customization based on human attributes and cognitive behavioursYang, Q; Wang, Huanhuan
2016Error compensation and uncertainty evaluation of CMMs based on kinematic error models and gaussian processesYang, Q; Salacheep, Panadda
2015Evaluation of material surface profiling methods: contact versus non-contactYang, Q; Jaturunruangsri, Supaporn
2015An integration of Lean Six Sigma and Health and Safety Management System in Saudi Broadcasting CorporationYang, Q; Alharthi, Adel Aifan
2016Integration of lean six sigma with multi agent systems in the food distribution industry in small to medium enterprisesYang, Q; Algassem, Fahed Suliman
2010Investigation and development of an advanced virtual coordinate measuring machineYang, Q; Hu, Yang
2017Maintenance Process Improvement Model by Integrating LSS and TPM for Service OrganisationsYang, Q
2017Operation optimisation towards generation efficiency improvement in Saudi Arabia using LSS, simulation and mathematical programmingYang, Q; Au, Y; Althaqafi, Mohammad
2016Optimisation of costs and carbon savings in relation to the economic dispatch problem as associated with power system operationLau, ET; Yang, Q; Taylor, GA; Forbes, AB; Wright, PS, et al
2013Optimization of the design of ducted-fan hovering micro air vehicles using finite element simulation and orthogonal designYu, Y; Yang, Q; Wang, X; Wang, J
2016Quantification of carbon emissions and savings in smart gridsYang, Q; Livina, V; Taylor, G; Forbes, A; Eng Tseng, Lau
2014Regulation and optimization methodology for smart grid in Chinese electric grid operators using quality function deployment, equilibrium theory, fractal theory and mathematical programmingYang, Q; Cheng, K; Wang, Chen
2009Web and knowledge-based decision support system for measurement uncertainty evaluationYang, Q; Jones, B; Wei, Peng