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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Adaptive crossover in genetic algorithms using statistics mechanismYang, S
2004Adaptive group mutation for tackling deception in genetic searchYang, S
2009An adaptive learning particle swarm optimizer for function optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2010Adaptive learning particle swarm optimizer-II for global optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2008An adaptive mutation operator for particle swarm optimizationLi, C; Yang, S; Korejo, I
2004Adaptive mutation using statistics mechanism for genetic algorithmsYang, S
2006Adaptive mutation with fitness and allele distribution correlation for genetic algorithmsYang, S; Uyar, S
2002Adaptive non-uniform crossover based on statistics for genetic algorithmsYang, S
2002Adaptive non-uniform mutation based on statistics for genetic algorithmsYang, S
2009Adaptive primal-dual genetic algorithms in dynamic environmentsWang, H; Yang, S; Ip, WH; Wang, D
2010Agent based evolutionary dynamic optimizationYan, Y; Yang, S; Wang, D
2010An analysis of the XOR dynamic problem generator based on the dynamical systemTinos, R; Yang, S
2010Ant colony optimization with direct communication for the traveling salesman problemMavrovouniotis, M; Yang, S
2010Ant colony optimization with immigrants schemes in dynamic environmentsMavrovouniotis, M; Yang, S
2006Associative memory scheme for genetic algorithms in dynamic environmentsYang, S
2002The BABAR detectorAubert, B; Bazan, A; Boucham, A; Boutigny, D; De Bonis, I, et al
2013The BABAR detector: Upgrades, operation and performanceBarate, R; Boutigny, D; Couderc, F; Sanchez, PDA; Gaillard, J-M, et al
2010Bahadur representation of linear kernel quantile estimator of VaR under mixing assumptionsWei, X; Yang, S; Yu, K; Yang, X
2008Benchmark generator for CEC 2009 competition on dynamic optimizationLi, C; Yang, S; Nguyen, T T; Yu, E L; Yao, X, et al
2015Bi-goal evolution for many-objective optimization problemsLi, M; Yang, S; Liu, X