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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966A critical study of plastics sheet extrusion processesWestman, K
1966The design, development and general application of an infra red ratio pyrometer, intended primarily for surface temperature measurement of magnox fuel cansCaulton, Graham
1967Quantitative detection in gas chromatographyGough, Terry Antony
1968The public boarding school: A sociological analysisWakeford, John
1968Resume of the life, business and social activities of Mr Samuel GoldsteinGoldstein, S
1970UntitledAustin, V
1970Their small cornerClark, EM
1970The lean yearsEdmonds, J
1970UntitledElliott, WJE
1971An assessment of the fracture toughness of two cast and wrought stainless steelsStock, CR
1971Numerical solution of two dimensional harmonic boundary problems containing singularities by conformal transformation methodsWhiteman, J R; Papamichael, N
1971A moving boundary problem arising from the diffusion of oxygen in absorbing tissueCrank, J; Gupta, R
1971High frequency difraction by a soft circular disc. I the plane wave at normal incidenceNewby, J C
1971A cubic spline technique for the one dimensional heat conduction equationPapamichael, N; Whiteman, J R
1971Sard kernels for certain bivariate cubaturesBarnhill, RE; Pilcher, DT
1971Reading strategies and learning outcomesAugstein, Elizabeth Sheila
1972Spectroscopic studies of some heterocyclic hydrazones and their metal complexesMortimore, Graham Roderick
1972The cybernetics of nonzero sum games – the prisoner's dilemma reinterpreted as a pure conflict game with nature, with empirical applicationsBell, Robert I
1972Chemical and physical aspects of wear processes in polymersRichardson, MOW
1972Blending function interpolation to boundary data on trianglesBarnhill, RE; Gregory, JA