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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A pilot study: Exploring the musculoskeletal risk exposure associated with drying laundry using the public housing pipe-socket system amongst women in SingaporeLee, H; Cheung, TWC; Yang, Z; Yetta, CWY; Pratt, AL
Mar-2018Using domiciliary non-invasive ventilator data downloads to inform clinical decision-making to optimise ventilation delivery and patient complianceMansell, SK; Cutts, S; Hackney, I; Wood, MJ; Hawksworth, K; Creer, DD; Kilbride, C; Mandal, S
2018Effect of financial incentives on breastfeeding a cluster randomized clinical trialRelton, C; Strong, M; Thomas, KJ; Whelan, B; Walters, SJ; Burrows, J; Scott, E; Viksveen, P; Johnson, M; Baston, H; Fox-Rushby, J; Anokye, N; Umney, D; Renfrew, MJ
2018Multisensory stimulation to improve functional performance in moderate to severe dementia-interim resultsMcPherson, K; Ellis-Hill, C; Staal, J; Bucks, R
2017Multisensory Environmental Therapy (Snoezelen) for Job Stress Reduction in Mental Health Nurses: a Randomised TrialCollier; Staal, J
-'Mitochondrial energy imbalance and lipid peroxidation cause cell death in Friedreich's ataxia'Parkinson, MH; Hargreaves, IP; Angelova, PR; Sandi, C; Pook, MA; Giunti, P; Abramov, AY
2018The Way You Make Me Feel: Psychological and cerebral responses to music during real-life physical activityKarageorghis, CI; Hoy, GK; Layne, GS
2018‘The Creation of a Hybrid and Innovative Model of Occupational Health Delivery through the Lens of Institutional Work’.Valsecchi, R; Anderson, N; Balta, M; Harrison, J
2018Mixture effects in samples of multiple contaminants – An inter-laboratory study with manifold bioassaysAltenburger, R; Scholze, M; Busch, W; Escher, BI; Jakobs, G; Krauss, M; Krüger, J; Neale, PA; Ait-Aissa, S; Almeida, AC; Seiler, TB; Brion, F; Hilscherová, K; Hollert, H; Novák, J; Schlichting, R; Serra, H; Shao, Y; Tindall, A; Tolefsen, KE; Umbuzeiro, G; Williams, TD; Kortenkamp, A
2018Non-invasive brain stimulation techniques for chronic painMarston, L; Spencer, S; DeSouza, LH; Wand, BM
2018Asymmetries in punishment propensity may drive the civilizing processde Barra, M; Eriksson, K
2018Health State Utility Values Among Children and Adolescents with Disabilities: Protocol for a Systematic ReviewKanya, L; Anokye, N; Ryan, JM
2018Reliability, validity and minimal detectable change of the Mini-BESTest in Greek participants with chronic stroke.Lampropoulou, SI; Billis, E; Gedikoglou, IA; Michailidou, C; Nowicky, AV; Skrinou, D; Michailidi, F; Chandrinou, D; Meligoni, M
2018The Materiality of Memory: Affects, Remembering and Food DecisionsAlldred, P; Fox, NJ
-Scoping our future research prioritiesHarries, PA; Giacomin, J; Nickpour, F; Young, W; Unsworth, C; Boniface, G
-Reconstruction of cell population dynamics using CFSEChan, C; Strid, J; Moon, S; Callard, R; George, AJT; Stark, J
2018A randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study of single-dose guanfacine in unilateral neglect following stroke.Li, KMS; Gorgoraptis, N; Cohen, DL; Dalmaijer, ES; Parton, A; Husain, M; Malhotra, PA
2017Typologies of loneliness, living alone and social isolation and their associations with physical and mental health.Victor, C
2018Understanding perceived availability and importance of tobacco control interventions to inform European adoption of a UK economic model: a cross-sectional studyKalo, Z; West, R; Cheung, KL; Evers, S; Voko, Z; Hiligsmann, M; De Vries, H; Owen, L; Trapero-Bertran, M; Leidl, R; Pokhrel, S
2018Living well with dementia: a systematic review and correlational meta-analysis of factors associated with quality of life, well-being, and life satisfaction in people with dementianelis S; Quinn C; Wu Yu Tzu; Lamont R; Henderson C; Clarke R; Hindle J; Thom J; Jones IR; Morris R; Rustead J; Victor, C; Clare, L
2017Development of the International Expert Advisory Panel on Community Health and Transport (I-CHaT) to coordinate research on transport mobilityChoi, M; Gélinas, I; Harries, P; Margot-Cattin, I; Mazer, B; Van Niekerk, L; Patomella, A-H; Stapleton, T; Swanepoel, L; Unsworth, C; Vrkljan, B
-Optimal healthcare delivery to care homes in the UK: a realist evaluation of what supports effective working to improve healthcare outcomes.Gordon, AL; Goodman, C; Davies, SL; Dening, T; Gage, H; Meyer, J; Schneider, J; Bell, B; Jordan, J; Martin, FC; Iliffe, S; Bowman, C; Gladman, JRF; Victor, C; Mayrhofer, A; Handley, M; Zubair, M
2016Part 1: Depression in Young Adults - prevalance and challenges-
2017Facial Expression Emotion Detection for Real-time Embedded SystemsMeng, H; Swash, M; Pleva, M; Juhár, J
2017Estimating the Returns to United Kingdom Publicly Funded Musculoskeletal Disease Research in Terms of Net Value of Improved Health OutcomesGlover, M; Montague, E; Pollitt, A; Guthrie, S; Hanney, S; Buxton, M; Grant, J
2018Facial expression recognition as a candidate marker for autism spectrum disorder: How frequent and severe are deficits?Garrido, L; Ahmad, J; Watson, E; Duff, A; Duchaine, B
2014The Occupational Performance Measure of Food Activities: Item pool development and measurement propertiesPlastow, NA; Spiliotopoulou, G; Atwal, A; Gilhooly, M
2017Relating process evaluation measures to complex intervention outcomes: findings from the PACE-UP primary care pedometer-based walking trialHoward, E; Limb, E; Cook, D; Kerry, S; wahlich, C; Victor, C; ekland, U; Iliffe, S; usher, M; Whincup, P; Fox Rushby, J; Ibison, J; DeWilde, S; harris, T
2018An Examination of the Long Writing Pauses in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder using Eye and Pen MovementsPrunty, M
2017A Comparison of Standing Postural Control and Gait Parameters in People with and Without Chronic Low Back Pain. A Cross-sectional Case-control Study.Macrae, CS; Lewis, JS; Critchley, D; Shortland, AP
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 30 of 634
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